Available Devices

More than 300 models to choose from.

It’s easier than ever to find a a wearable device that works with FitCoin. Check this list for the latest information.*

Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch SE
Apple Watch Series 6
Apple Watch Series 7
Apple Watch Series 8
Apple Watch Ultra
Fitbit Ace 3 (all editions)
Fitbit Alta
Fitbit Alta HR
Fitbit App
Fitbit Blaze
Fitbit Charge
Fitbit Charge 2
Fitbit Charge 3
Fitbit Charge 4
Fitbit Charge 4 SE
Fitbit Charge 5
Fitbit Charge HR
Fitbit Flex
Fitbit Flex 2
Fitbit Force
Fitbit Inspire
Fitbit Inspire 2
Fitbit Inspire 3
Fitbit Inspire HR
Fitbit Ionic
Fitbit Luxe (all editions)
Fitbit One
Fitbit Sense
Fitbit Sense 2
Fitbit Surge
Fitbit Ultra
Fitbit Versa
Fitbit Versa 2
Fitbit Versa 3
Fitbit Versa 4
Fitbit Versa Lite
Fitbit Versa Special Edition
Fitbit Zip
Fitbit Aria 2 Scale
Fitbit Aria Air Scale
Fitbit Aria Scale
Google Pixel Watch Bluetooth + Wi-Fi
Google Pixel Watch 4G LTE + Bluetooth + Wi-Fi
Garmin Approach G30
Garmin Approach G7
Garmin Approach G8
Garmin Approach G80
Garmin Approach R10
Garmin Approach S20
Garmin Approach S4
Garmin Approach S40
Garmin Approach S42
Garmin Approach S5
Garmin Approach S6
Garmin Approach S60
Garmin Approach S62
Garmin Approach X40
Garmin Approach Z82
Garmin Bounce
Garmin Captain Marvel
Garmin Connect App
Garmin D2
Garmin D2 Air
Garmin D2 Bravo
Garmin D2 Bravo Titanium
Garmin D2 Charlie
Garmin D2 Delta
Garmin D2 Delta PX
Garmin D2 Delta S
Garmin Darth Vader
Garmin Descent
Garmin Descent GI
Garmin Descent MK1
Garmin Descent MK2
Garmin Descent MK2i
Garmin Edge 1000
Garmin Edge 1030
Garmin Edge 1030 Bontrager
Garmin Edge 1030 Plus
Garmin Edge 1040
Garmin Edge 130
Garmin Edge 130 Plus
Garmin Edge 20
Garmin Edge 200
Garmin Edge 205
Garmin Edge 25
Garmin Edge 305
Garmin Edge 500
Garmin Edge 510
Garmin Edge 520
Garmin Edge 520 Plus
Garmin Edge 605
Garmin Edge 705
Garmin Edge 800
Garmin Edge 810
Garmin Edge 820
Garmin Edge 830
Garmin Edge Explore
Garmin Edge Explore 2
Garmin Edge Explore 1000
Garmin Edge Explore 820
Garmin Edge Touring
Garmin Edge Touring+
Garmin Enduro
Garmin Enduro 2
Garmin Epix (all generations)
Garmin Fenix
Garmin Fenix 2
Garmin Fenix 3
Garmin Fenix 3 HR
Garmin Fenix 5
Garmin Fenix 5 Plus
Garmin Fenix 5s
Garmin Fenix 5s Plus
Garmin Fenix 5x
Garmin Fenix 5x Plus
Garmin Fenix 6
Garmin Fenix 6 Pro
Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar
Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire
Garmin Fenix 6 Solar
Garmin Fenix 6s
Garmin Fenix 6s Pro
Garmin Fenix 6s Pro Solar
Garmin Fenix 6s Sapphire
Garmin Fenix 6s Solar
Garmin Fenix 6x Pro
Garmin Fenix 6x Pro Solar
Garmin Fenix 6x Sapphire
Garmin Fenix 7
Garmin Fenix Chronos
Garmin First Avenger
Garmin Fit App
Garmin Forerunner 10
Garmin Forerunner 101
Garmin Forerunner 110
Garmin Forerunner 15
Garmin Forerunner 201
Garmin Forerunner 205
Garmin Forerunner 210
Garmin Forerunner 220
Garmin Forerunner 225
Garmin Forerunner 230
Garmin Forerunner 235
Garmin Forerunner 235L
Garmin Forerunner 245
Garmin Forerunner 245 Music
Garmin Forerunner 255
Garmin Forerunner 265
Garmin Forerunner 25
Garmin Forerunner 30
Garmin Forerunner 301
Garmin Forerunner 305
Garmin Forerunner 310XT
Garmin Forerunner 35
Garmin Forerunner 405
Garmin Forerunner 410
Garmin Forerunner 45
Garmin Forerunner 45 Plus
Garmin Forerunner 45s
Garmin Forerunner 50
Garmin Forerunner 55
Garmin Forerunner 610
Garmin Forerunner 620
Garmin Forerunner 630
Garmin Forerunner 645
Garmin Forerunner 645 Music
Garmin Forerunner 735XT
Garmin Forerunner 745
Garmin Forerunner 910XT
Garmin Forerunner 920XT
Garmin Forerunner 935
Garmin Forerunner 945
Garmin Forerunner 955
Garmin Forerunner 965
Garmin FR60Garmin FR70
Garmin HRM-Pro Plus
Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale
Garmin Index Smart Scale
Garmin Instinct
Garmin Instinct 2 (all series)
Garmin Instinct Crossover
Garmin Instinct Esports
Garmin Instinct Solar
Garmin Instinct Solar Camo
Garmin Instinct Solar Surf
Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical
Garmin Instinct Tactical
Garmin Instinct Tide ASIA
Garmin Lily
Garmin MARQ Adventurer
Garmin MARQ Athlete (all generations)
Garmin MARQ Aviator
Garmin MARQ Captain
Garmin MARQ Captain American Magic
Garmin MARQ Commander
Garmin MARQ Driver
Garmin MARQ Expedition
Garmin MARQ Golfer
Garmin Mercedes-Benz Venu
Garmin Quatix 3
Garmin Quatix 5
Garmin Quatix 6
Garmin Quatix 6 Titanium
Garmin Quatix 6x Solar
Garmin Rey
Garmin Swim
Garmin Swim 2
Garmin Tactix
Garmin Tactix Bravo
Garmin Tactix Charlie
Garmin Tactix Delta
Garmin Tactix Delta Ballistic
Garmin Tactix Delta Solar
Garmin Tacx FLUX S Smart Trainer
Garmin Tacx NEO 2 Smart Trainer
Garmin Varia RCT715
Garmin Venu
Garmin Venu Plus
Garmin Venu Sq
Garmin Venu Sq 2
Garmin Venu Sq Music
Garmin Venu Sq 2 Music
Garmin VivoActive
Garmin VivoActive 3
Garmin VivoActive 3 Daimler
Garmin VivoActive 3 Element
Garmin VivoActive 3 Music
Garmin VivoActive 3t
Garmin VivoActive 4
Garmin VivoActive 4s
Garmin VivoActive HR
Garmin Vivofit
Garmin Vivofit 2
Garmin Vivofit 3
Garmin Vivofit 4
Garmin Vivoki
Garmin Vivolife
Garmin Vivomove
Garmin Vivomove 3
Garmin Vivomove 3s
Garmin Vivomove HR
Garmin Vivomove Luxe
Garmin Vivomove Style
Garmin Vivomove Trend
Garmin Vivosmart
Garmin Vivosmart 3
Garmin Vivosmart 4
Garmin Vivosmart HR
Garmin Vivosmart HR+
Garmin Vivosport
Polar A300
Polar A360
Polar AXN500
Polar AXN700
Polar Beat
Polar Beat 2
Polar Coach
Polar CS200
Polar CS300
Polar CS400
Polar CS500
Polar CS600
Polar CS600X
Polar F11
Polar F55
Polar F6
Polar F7
Polar Flow for Club
Polar FT40
Polar FT60
Polar FT7
Polar FT80
Polar Grit X
Polar Ignite
Polar Ignite 2
Polar Loop
Polar Loop 2
Polar Loop Crystal
Polar M200
Polar M400
Polar M430
Polar M450
Polar M460
Polar M600
Polar OH1
Polar RC3 GPS
Polar RCX3
Polar RCX5
Polar RS200
Polar RS300X
Polar RS400
Polar RS800
Polar RS800CX
Polar S410
Polar S510
Polar S520
Polar S610
Polar S610i
Polar S625X
Polar S710
Polar S710i
Polar S720i
Polar S725
Polar S725X
Polar Unite
Polar V650
Polar V800
Polar Vantage M
Polar Vantage M2
Polar Vantage V
Polar Vantage V Titan
Polar Vantage V2