How to Play

Learn how to maximize your workouts and earn Fitcoin. Here is quick guide on how to navigate your way through the Fitcoin app.
Are you up for the challenge?

Push Your Limits

Turn every calorie you  burn, every step you take, every mile you run, and every minute you sweat into a rewarding and thrilling gaming experience tracked real-time on our global leaderboards.

Bring Your Own Device

Don't have a tracker? Don't worry! Fitcoin has you covered. You can play by simply downloading and using the Fitbit app found in your app store. There is zero cost to you.

Fitcoin NFTs

Unleash the power of Fitcoin NFTs and supercharge your fitness journey! These exclusive tokens open the door to daily Fitcoin bonuses, fitness challenges, and so much more.

Burn-2-Earn Multipliers

Activate Fitcoin multipliers and watch your earned rewards skyrocket! Get ready to sweat it out and amp up the excitement in your fitness journey like an elite athlete!

The Choice is Yours

If you decide to play on-chain, when you crush those challenges and emerge victorious, you'll need to mint your NFT rewards. It's a small fee, but totally worth it for the bonuses & bragging rights!


We're bringing you a global store like no other, fully stocked with everything you need to crush your fitness journey! Your hard-earned rewards can be redeemed for awesome goodies take your workouts to the next level!

Getting Started

01. Link your fitness tracker

EarnFitcoin for free. If you are burning calories, you are earning Fitcoin.

02. Allow Fitcoin to track your activity

Live stats display daily Fitcoin earnings and calories burned. Every player's calorie burn goal is set to 3781 calories.

Mint and NFTs

03. Mint on-chain Fitcoin

Fitcoin are deposited daily into each player’s treasure chest. Treasure chest tokens are off chain. Treasure Chest Rewards are needed to join fitness challenges.

Players can mint treasure chest Fitcoin to Fitcoin ERC20 which they will need to activate their energy (Learn more in the Link NFT Section). The minting feature can be found in the wallet tab.


04. Take part in community challenges

The cost of entry for challenges is a variable rate of treasure chest rewards. These challenges are for your chance to win stakeable NFTs.

Active Challenges: available to the community, daily, weekly, and monthly. The longer the challenges the greater the reward.

Completed Challenges: represent challenges a player has participated in and have been completed. Completed challenges will display all player results of the given challenge. Within the completed challenges players can find results which will determine placing and NFTs rewards or real world rewards.

Challenges Types

05. Challenge types

Infinite Metrics
  • Most steps taken
  • Most calories burned
  • Most active time
  • Most distance covered
Targeted Metrics
  • Steps goal
  • Calories goal
  • Active time goal
  • Distance goals

06. Reward NFT Distributions

Infinite metrics
The placing system is quite simple, whoever has the highest totals at the end of the challenge will be 1 and 2, 3, 4 will follow in order.
Targeted metrics
The placing system is quite simple, whoever hits the target first will be 1 and 2, 3, 4 will follow in order. For these challenges rewards will be distributed as follows. Everyone who completes the challenge will have a chance to receive NFT rewards regardless of placement. Rewards will be distributed randomly.
Fitcoin NFTs
  • Daily total 7300 NFTs
  • Weekly total 780 NFTs
  • Monthly total 120 NFTs

07. Link your NFTs to your dashboard

  • Goal: Every player’s goal is set to 3781 calories daily.
  • Link NFT: Player can link their reward NFTS here to increase passive bonuses. Bonuses are determined by NFT Burn-2-Earn score.
  • Energy: to reach maximum energy. Player must have a specific amount of Fitcoin ERC20 locked in the application. Value is based on each NFTs Burn-2-Earn score. Each day this amount is met the energy will increase up to 100%. If Fitcoin ERC20 minimum is not met energy will reset to zero.
  • Energy Bonus: Players can receive their maximum bonus daily when 3 conditions are met.
  • Energy is at 100%
  • Daily 3781 calories burn goal is met. If calorie’s goal is not met player will receive the percentage of the 3781-calorie goal that is achieved.
  • Players must collect their Fitcoin bonus once daily within a 24hr period. Bonus Fitcoins will be deposited into the player’s treasure chest which can be minted at the player’s discretion.

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